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Dali and Morgan’s wedding
{Langtry Manor Hotel, Bournemouth}

There was a distinctly international flavour to this day which we always love, on this occasion we have the Columbian and French wings of Dali’s lovely family travelling to Bournemouth to celebrate with Morgan and his family and friends.  The whole day was taking place at Langtry Manor in the heart of Bournemouth and this is where I met with Dali and her bridesmaids.  Elke Everton  and Caroline were taking care of hair and make up while we were all thrilled at the sight of Dali’s enormous french designed wedding dress hanging in the window. 

Morgan, his bestman and ushers were all a few miles away getting ready and Earle travelled there to meet with them before they left for Langtry Manor to greet the guests on their arrival.  The weather foiling the forecasters in the region was wonderful enabling the ceremony to be held out in the gardens to the delight of everyone, the red carpet laid out on the lawn put the finishing touch to a very elegant set.

Dali arrived into the grounds of Langtry Manor with her father in the coach and horses which had taken them for a trip before the ceremony was due to take place.  The whole atmosphere was perfectly relaxed with Dali and Morgan making their own very individual vows to each other their guests enjoying every special moment.  The carriage drivers were at the ready to whisk Dali and Morgan off immediately afterwards for a champagne trip in the sunshine along the overcliffe returning the Langtry Manor and their guests for the formal family photographs and some serious socialising then into the wedding banquet.

Later in the evening we took Dali and Morgan into town for a few minutes for those important photographs of just the two of them relaxing together.  We revisited one of our old and hugely popular locations in the town centre which was great fun, absence makes the heart fonder apparently and that certainly is the case with this spot!  So we are looking forward to Dali and Morgan seeing the full results of our time here!  However the need to get back for the first dance was pressing so off we went to get the dancing underway. 

From our first meeting with Morgan and Dali we were completely aware the music and dancing was hugely important to their enjoyment of the day and they were not to be disappointed.  The room looked amazing for them and the music from Your DJ was outstanding with a strong south american/spanish influence it was a very lively night!  Dali and Morgan…Congratulations to you both on a wonderful day and many thanks for your kind hospitality,  Earle and I have chosen some of our favourite images to hilight your celebrations, enjoy and as ever we will welcome anyone who wishes to leave a comment on the blog.

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Kay and Geoff’s wedding
{Sacred Heart and Royal Bath Hotel, Bournemouth}

Kay was with her family and bridesmaids during the morning of her wedding day so this is where I met up with them while the finishing touches were being put to the hair and makeup for all the girls before Kay was dressed in her beautiful wedding gown and shoes and made ready for the trip to church with her father.

Meanwhile Earle had met Geoff and his party at the DeVere’s Royal Bath Hotel just before they walked through the town to the Ink Bar for a bite to eat and quick drink.  This was a perfect location for meeting the early wedding guests as it is on the opposite corner of the road to The Sacred Heart RC Church so not far to go!

I arrived at church just a little ahead of the wedding cars enabling me to capture a few images of the waiting groom and his bestman while Earle was outside ready to photograph Kay and her party arriving.  The Sacred Heart is one of Bournemouth’s wonderfully ornate churches making it a joy to photograph wedding ceremonies in so combine that with Kay and Geoff’s joy and a perfect recipe is made!  The icing on the cake was a beautiful solo performance by one of Kay and Geoff’s friend’s during the register signing. 

It was arranged to meet with Kay and Geoff down by the pier after their ceremony and all the congratulations from their guests.  We spent a short time here with them but seeing the weather closing in were conscious of the need to make it to the Royal Bath before the rain arrived and make sure they had time to enjoy their reception before the wedding breakfast was due to start.

The evening rolled on in and the dancing was all ready to kick in, Geoff and Kay had an incredible entrance into the stunningly decorated DeVere suite to get the party under way….the scene was set for the rest of the evening.. party time and the celebration of a wonderful day.

Massive congratulations to Kay and Geoff on your marriage and a fantastic wedding, Earle and I have selected a few of our favourite images for you to enjoy while we organise your proofs.  We are always really happy to welcome any comments from our readers here who would like to contribute, so please do join us here.

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Salima and Nigel’s wedding
{Rhinefield House Hotel, New Forest}

The month of May kicked of for us with a drive over to the New Forest and Rhinefield House Hotel where Salima and Nigel were marrying that day.  Earle was due to meet up with Nigel and his party later that morning at the hotel and was there in plenty of time while I made my onward trip to Southampton’s Ocean Village to see Salima with her sister and mother for their preparations.  Tori was already there with her colleague taking care of hair and make up for the girls and before long it was time for Salima to dress for the day ahead. 

Nigel and his best man were taking a wonderfully laid back approach to their morning and when I arrived at Rhinefield House they were to be found in the ceremony room sorting out buttonholes with Nigel’s father.  Earle was on hand outside with Bev, our very favourite videographer, ready and waiting for Salima’s arrival in her wedding car.  The approach along the driveway to Rhinefield is just beautiful so the opportunity for one of us to be there to photograph this safe in the knowledge the other one is inside with Nigel and the wedding guests taking care of the photography there, is perfect.

All of us enjoyed a lovely ceremony with the sun shining through the fantastically huge windows placing the bride and groom in a beautiful pool of light within this very impressive room.  Those formal family group photographs were soon completed once Salima and Nigel had enjoyed a chance to receive the congratulations from their guests and we then borrowed them from the wedding party for just a very short while to take a few photographs of them both alone together in the grounds before they went inside again for their wedding breakfast.  The speeches took place after the meal and to top it all off, a suprise for Nigel in the form of a Skype link to his mother in Canada with a huge cheer from all at the wedding.

The day continued with Salima and Nigel’s first dance which introduced the evening celebrations and party time!  It has been a brilliant day Nigel and Salima, Earle and I send our warmest congratulations to you both and hope you both enjoy the images we have picked out here to give you a taster of your special day. 

As ever if anyone would like to join in with our blog we would love to hear your comments or congratulations to Nigel and Salima.

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Becca and Justin’s wedding
{New Place, Southampton & HMS Warrior, Portsmouth}

London based,  Becca and Justin’s wedding day was always going to be remarkable not least due to the secrecy surrounding the actual wedding venue!  The meeting place for everyone including the bride and groom was the lovely Southampton DeVere venue of New Place so this of course is where Earle and I headed off to for the start of our day.

I found Becca in her room with her mother and bridesmaids where they were being beautifully looked after by Michelle and Jo, hair and make up artists.  The celebratory atmosphere was already in full swing and the girls all looking fabulous.  Earle was elsewhere in the grounds of New Place with Justin who gathered all the wedding guests together to ‘make an announcement’.  Big grins on my face as I write this remembering how Earle regaled the story of faces reacting to this unusual turn of events…the announcement was to let everyone know the wedding venue was not in fact New Place but HMS Warrior and the transport was awaiting!

With everyone safely en route to HMS Warrior Becca and her party were able to emerge from their room and make their way to the ship in good time for the ceremony.  It is occassions like this where the relationship Earle and I share is so perfect in our work, the trust and working knowledge worked a dream, Earle met us all at the entrance to the Warrior and seamlessly took over the bridal photography while I raced ahead and found my position in the ceremonial area which in this case was sandwiched between a porthole and very large cannon!   The registrars complimented the warmly excited atmosphere with a beautifully conducted ceremony and after two readings it was time to sign the registers and out on deck for a drinks reception and formal photographs before the wedding breakfast and celebratory dancing with a Ceilidh band.

It has been a truly remarkable day which gave the opportunity for some unique photography, Earle and I congratulate Becca and Justin on all their amazing planning and more especially their marriage.  We have selected a few images from the day as a little taster while we prepare the proofs, if you see something you like or just want to join in our blog please feel free to add your comment.

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