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Melissa and Ryan’s wedding
(Fawsley Hall)

It was a drive up the motorway to the Buckhamshire/Northamptonshire borders again for us to photograph Melissa and Ryan’s wedding day and meet lots of old friends from previous weddings we have photographed within this lovely group of people.

I drop Earle off at Melissa and Ryan’s home in Calverton.  The house is buzzing with men all finalising the ushering duties and who was doing what while downing a good breakfast out in the garden.  Meanwhile I find my way over to Melissa’s family home not too far away and am greeted by her parents who show me up to the room where all the creativity is taking place with hair and makeup!  For once I think the boys location was the more hectic and boistrous, Earle had plenty to tell me about when we met up later in the day which was great.  I had enjoyed a very calm and well organised morning with Melissa and her bridesmaids, Zoe and Lydia and then little Evie the flowergirl arrived!  What a complete ball of energy and sunshine she is and definately easily as excited about getting into her dress as Zoe and Lydia were about putting their’s on!  So with all Melissa’s attendants properly dressed and titivated it was time for Melissa to be put into her stunning wedding dress.

The sun was shining for Ryan and Melissa as midday struck and the moment their marriage was to take place.  Melissa and her dad arrived spot on time in the beautiful vintage Rolls Royce which a very kind friend had lent to them for the day.  The village church was packed with friends and family who all enjoyed a beautiful ceremony and were armed with their cameras to record for themselves the moment Ryan and Melissa took their first walk out of the church as Mr and Mrs Birch grinning from ear to ear!!

After a short while outside and an interesting experience for Earle who had to climb ooodles of steps up an extremely narrow stairway in the tower from where he was to take a group shot of everyone, we were all ready to move on to Fawsley Hall for the wedding reception.  The welcome there was wonderful and a relaxing couple of hours were spent enjoying drinks and canapes, the grounds and socialising before being shown into Knightley Court for the wedding breakfast and three highly entertaining and heartfelt speeches.

With the evening light moving in we took Melissa and Ryan off into the grounds for a short while where they relaxed together and took a little breather from their hectic day.  It was a perfect situation for us to capture some particularly beautiful images reflecting their togetherness and harmony.  However, the peace was fleeting as the evening’s entertainment was soon to strike up in the form of our favourite band The Blue Rinse.  We meet this fantastic group of musicians at all the weddings of this group of friends and we really look forward to it.  Tonight was as ever a fantastic performance from them enjoyed by one and all giving us brilliant opportunities for some wonderful party images.

Melissa and Ryan please accept our warmest congratulations on your  marriage and a magical day.  Thank you for your very kind hospitality and we look forward to posting your images in our client area in the next couple of weeks. 

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Candi and Paul’s wedding

With the sun shining early Saturday morning, Earle and I head off for Yeovil looking forward to a wonderful day photographing the wedding of Paul and Candi.  We are finding more and more of our clients are coming together from differing countries, Paul and Candi are another very lovely couple who have found each other despite the miles which originally seperated them.  Candi from America and Paul from England met while working in Germany and this day was all about their marriage in Paul’s home town of Yeovil in Somerset.

It was an early hour for Candi and Paul’s ceremony at 11.oo am, they wanted to make their day last as long as it possibly could and treasure every moment of their first day as husband and wife.  Earle spent the earlier part of the morning with Paul and his bestman while they were getting ready for the ceremony and the walk down to Yeovil’s St Johns Church in the centre of town.  Candi was at a hotel close by and this is where I headed off to meet her as the hairstylist and makeup artist were busy taking care of all things beautiful with the ladies of note!  With bride, attendants and mothers all looking totally wonderful we were ready to leave for church in a very smart Bentley right on time.

Word had got out that a wedding was taking place in the church and on Candi’s arrival there was quite a crowd of onlookers ready to greet her and her mum Brenda as they made their way to the door where Earle and the vicar were waiting for them.  Having taken my place in church I was able to grab some great shots of Paul and the guests in their seats waiting while Earle took care of those important shots outside the church with Candi and Brenda.  Those images of the groom waiting for his bride to walk up the aisle are always a wonderful study of anticipation and expectation.

Following a beautiful ceremony complete and signing of the register Candi and Paul walked down the aisle as Mr and Mrs Kent and out into the sunshine.  We had plenty of time around the green outside church to take the formal family group photographs and some lovely candid images while all the congratulations were poured out to Candi and Paul.   Next stop was the Hollies Hotel in Martock  for the reception and party.  The whole day was planned to be unhurried and relaxing with plenty of time for the wedding guests to have time to chat and enjoy their surroundings and company, the Hollies provided a perfect place for this all to happen.  We were able to spend time capturing some lovely images of this intimate and informal reception before taking a short time out with Candi and Paul for some of that special time photographing the Bride and  Groom enjoying a little time as just the two of them. 

The party was kicked off in the evening with a brilliant band providing the perfect music to get everyone up and dancing rounding off the perfect wedding day for Candi and Paul.   Earle and I send our warmest congratulations to you Candi and Paul on your marriage and your very special wedding celebration.  Thank you both for your very kind hospitality.

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Lauren and Ben’s wedding
(Compton Acres – Italian Villa)

What a glorious day for a wedding!  Our day kicked off with me driving into Wimborne to meet Lauren, her mum and bridesmaids in the hairdressers all being taken care of by the lovely girls at the Organic Hair Cafe before moving on to Lauren’s family home where the rest of the preparations were taking place.  Kerrie from Beautiful2Be was there to look after the makeup, there was a well organised rota of girls getting made up and dressed and all looking wonderful.  Lauren’s Dad was keeping busy doing whatever Father’s manage to keep busy with on the morning of their daughter’s marriage!

Ben and his best man with the small army of ushers were ready in good time with Earle capturing some lovely candid images of them all relaxing and enjoying some mantime before the clock dictated they should be making their way to the church.   All Saints Church is a very pretty little country church tucked away in the village of Hampreston where Earle and I always enjoy photographing.  It was not long before the guests were arriving and enjoying the beautiful location in the sunshine. 

Lauren and her bridesmaids were ready to leave spot on time with Lauren’s parents in the very smart wedding cars waiting outside their home and all was looking promising for the ceremony to begin on time!  

We know whenever we visit All Saints the Vicar there, Laurie, will provide a ceremony filled with personality and humour but for Lauren and Ben there was an extra dimension as Laurie had given them the option of learning their vows beforehand and speaking them to each other without any prompting!  Lauren and Ben accepted his offer and managed at this very special moment to say their vows to each other completely unaided which needless to say completely delighted everyone there.

With the ceremony completed the new Mr & Mrs Grant were greeted outside by their guests before making their way over to Compton Acres for their wedding reception.  We had a brilliant time there being able to enjoy the Italian Garden with everyone, while we completed the short list of formal family photographs James Brown Magician was entertaining with his incredible slight of hand talents.  We grabbed the opportunity of a little spare time for  a short walk around the other gardens with Ben and Lauren getting them back in time for the receiving line.  Earle and I borrowed them again after the wedding breakfast and beautifully heartfelt speeches so we could take the photographs planned on the beach.  The fresh sea air and time to themselves was perfect for Lauren and Ben to relax and look forward to their evening party, it did of course work perfectly for us too – the photographs are very pleasing!!

Congratulations to you both Lauren and Ben, you had a perfectly wonderful wedding day.  Earle and I send you our very best wishes and are wondering if we have ever seen a signature print with quite so many signatures on it!!!   Thank you both for your very kind hopsitality and we hope you enjoy our little selection of  just a few of our favourite images.

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Ani and Euan’s wedding

Beaulieu is always beautiful and in the warm sunshine it never looks better so the scene was set for a perfect wedding day for Ani and Euan.  People had travelled from the farthest flung places around the globe to be part of these celebrations, Ani is from Melbourne, Australia and Euan’s roots lie in Scotland this added to the fact they have worked and lived in China until very recently will account for this.  The day planned by Euan and Ani with the help of Gemma and her team at Beaulieu ensured everyone had the very best opportunity to make the most of their visit while enjoying a wonderful wedding day.

We arrived at the Mill House hotel in Beaulieu where Euan and Ani were spending the morning getting ready.  Ani was locked away in her room with her sister Rebecca who was helping Ani prepare.  It was a very special time indeed in this ancient and incredibly charming room in the marvellous setting right on the river bank. 

Euan and his brother, Neil were the floor below us donning their kilts and sporrans then went with Earle  into the garden area for some photographs before walking across to Monty’s for a little quiet time before walking across to the Domas in time to speak with the registrars.  Ani and Becca were all organised and ready to leave spot on time for the short drive to the ceremony in Euan’s blue M5 chauffered by his father, John. 

The scottish influence on the wedding plans was shining through in the Domas with all the guests there, many of them wearing the appropriate tartan and all the flowers arrangements sporting very striking thistle flowers amongst the strong red roses and greenery.  Ani’s cousin Ben was ready to walk with Ani up the aisle where Euan was ready to greet them.  The light was shining through the windows of the Domas perfectly enhancing the images we captured during those special moments during the ceremony….. always really pleasing!!

The whole day was packed with opportunities to enjoy all Beaulieu has to offer.  Following the ceremony the guests were able to enjoy the sunshine in the cloisters and relax while enjoying the drinks reception and tasty canapes while we took Ani and Euan into the main grounds for some photographs of  just the two of them.  There was the first ever Steam Rally taking place in the museum area for the weekend which was another treat for the wedding guests as they were escorted in the early evening across to the Motor museum to enjoy the exhibits there while being served more welcome drinks.  Euan and Ani were invited to board one of the very special cars for some photographs and then Ani and Becca were invited to board the adorable little car known as the ‘ladies car’ which the ladies of the Montague family drive from London to Brighton in the famous vintage rally.  Euan’s passion for cars and all things motoring was perhaps the influence behind this and it proved a real delight.

Once we were all back at the Domas the Ceilidh band were ready to get the dancing started.  In no time at all the dance floor was busy with people dancing around each other with various levels of  expertise, rythm and laughter.  The DJ was on hand to keep the party going once the band had completed their sets.

Massive congratulations to Ani and Euan on your marriage and a terrific wedding day, Earle and I had a great time with you all.  It has been fantastic to be able to photograph you both in such wonderful surroundings on such a perfectly wonderful occassion.  We have chosen a selection of images for you, your friends and family to enjoy here while we complete the rest for your online gallery. 

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Kimberley and Luke’s wedding
(The Lord Bute)

We met Kimberley and Luke a long time ago when they were in the earliest stages of wedding planning, they were very keen to be assured of the best possible record of their wedding day therefore the photography was extremely important to them so naturally Earle and I were delighted they chose to book with us and we were looking forward to a lovely day with them.

With the ceremony in Ringwood organised for midday it was an early start for us all!  Kim was getting ready over with Emma in Christchurch, Emma’s home was a hive of activity with the comings and goings hairdressers, make up artists, florists and family all adding to the excitment and anticipation of the day ahead.  Laura from LauraFlora had worked closely with Kim help her achieve the floral impact Kim had dreamt of and when Laura arrived with all the bouquets there were tears of delight!!!  Laura was then hotfooting it off to The Lord Bute to complete the decorations there.

Earle met up with Luke at home for some photographs before the boys all left to find a pub in Ringwood which was open for some early morning business…not always the easiest thing but Luke and his best man Darren struck lucky and were able to quench their thirst before making their way with Earle to the registry office.

Kim arrived for the ceremony in good time and looking beautiful.  The packed room was full of emotion throughout with tears of joy all around and a wonderful reading from Amie set the scene perfectly.  Mr and Mrs Luke Barrows were now ready to celebrate with their friends and family, following the showers of confetti outside the registry office we all made our way over to Highcliffe and The Lord Bute where Chris was waiting to welcome the bride and groom.  Earle and I took the opportunity to take some photographs of Kim and Luke in their gorgeous Garden Room suite while they were enjoying a refreshing drink together and waiting for their guests to arrive.

Everyone was enjoying the brilliant sunshine and garden area while we completed the family group shots before the wedding breakfast. The sunshine continued into the evening when we took Kim and Luke off for some photographs on the beach while the room at the Lord Bute was prepared for the DJ and loads of energetic dancing.  The evening light and air was wonderful giving us the perfect opportunity for some great images which Kim and Luke will be able to treasure along with all their other memories of this wonderful day.

Kim and Luke, thank you both for your very kind hospitality, Earle and I sincerely appreciate your generosity.  We have chosen some of our favourite photographs from your lovely wedding for you and your friends to enjoy while we work to prepare the rest for your online gallery.  

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Concept Photographic – Rebranding

Well its nearly complete – our rebranding is well under way with our new blog and web sites. There is currently a transition time as we gradually move to the new logo’s etc so please be patient!!

We are delighted with our new logo it brings together our stylised, avant guarde approach and our business name, the peacock feather design reflects the connection between the individual work we produce for all our clients and our own identity.  Hope you agree with our verdict: ‘Simply Stunning’  :-)

Earle and Jane.

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