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Becky and Julian wedding

Feeling on top of the world and fully refreshed after our holiday Earle and I were photographing the wedding of Becky and Julian in Tisbury, Wiltshire.  What a perfectly lovely day… the weather was fine and we arrived to photograph Julian and the guests arriving into the village and of course the pub which was just across the road from Tisbury’s lovely church, St John’s.  Becky wanted just one or two images of her in the final stages of her preparations and she was with her parents at home just on another corner of the church grounds, making everything very local indeed.  It seemed the whole village knew of the wedding and were there to see the Bride and Groom.

Following the ceremony and the formal family group photographs the wedding moved on to Quarry Wood on the Fonthill Estate for the reception.  A fantastic location, in a marquee looking down towards the large lake and across woodland.  Becky and Julian walked down to the lake with us after their wedding breakfast and we had some fun taking photographs of them in the lovely evening light and by the time we arrived  back with the guests the evening party was ready to begin and the barbeque was on the go ready to feed everyone again!

It had been a wonderful day, Becky you looked beautiful and we hope you will never need to feel anxious about your photograph being taken again, take a peek at some of these we have selected with lots more to follow of course when we have them ready.

Many congratulations to you both on your marriage.

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Earle and Jane ‘do the canyons’

This is how Earle titled the itinerary for our trip to the States. The weddings of Goli and Asad and Foluka and Baba were on the last Friday, Saturday of May and the first day of June we were leaving for our intensive ‘holiday’ early on Monday 2nd June!

We arrived in Los Angeles sometime later, picked up our car and began our adventure. After a night in an airport hotel we aimed the car towards Las Vegas and the Bellagio where we stayed for 3 nights – having been promised whole days by the pool relaxing I was looking forward to this treat….. needless to say 3 days by the pool materialised into 11/2 hours!!!!!! Apparently I wanted to shop… well whatever… we had good fun. In fact we loved being at the Bellagio so much we reserved a room for our return from the Canyons for another couple of nights.

We had organised to be travelling around for 4 days, in this time we reached The Grand Canyon where we booked a room in a lodge for the night and watched the sun go down having spent the day exploring up and down the viewpoints, next stop was at a town called Page, where the Navajo Indians have the most beautiful slot canyon called Antelope Canyon. We have seen images of this canyon many times and dreamt of the opportunity to visit and view it for ourselves and now the time had come….. it really is stunning! This is the location out of our whole trip which will stay with me for ever! Monument Valley was our next port of call (can’t really say that phrase when you are in the middle of the desert!) Again this area is Navajo land and they were wonderful hosts to us. We stayed at Red Hat in a small lodge just next to the San Jose River and had a perfectly authentic cowboy meal at the ‘Swingin Steak’ by the roadside almost next door, cooked by a real life cowboy!!! We will put a pic up of him and his swingin bbq – another memorable moment.

Next day the haul back to Vegas and a couple of days by the pool or was that more shopping!???? We gambled heavily of course (joke)….. one whole dollar at Wynns went straight down the tubes followed by $70 for 2 glasses of champagne….. are they having a good laugh or what! What the heck, it was our last night and now we are home again. Would we do it again…. yes, Winter, Spring or Autumn for the Canyons. Vegas? Yes but now I know for sure only at the Bellagio!!! Am I spoilt? Most probably!!!! Earle loved every nanosecond even the driving although even he feels the same about the Bellagio….. so we are both spoilt!!!!

Rebecca and Julian had their wedding on Saturday and we made it back in time for that… am about to add their lovely day to the blog, but first some images from California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona.

Grand Canyon

More Canyons….

Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon

‘Rik’ our Navajo guide for Antelope Canyon

Derelict Navajo stall

‘GooseNeck’ at Page, Utah

Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Vietnam vet bikes at Mexican Hat

Mexican Hat

The ‘Swingin Steak’ – just do it!

Vegas ‘the strip’ from our room at the Bellagio

Vegas at dawn

Vegas at Dawn (shouldn’t we be asleep!!)

Vegas at night

Bellagio fountains

Us painting the town red (that was later on)

Peggy Sue’s 50’s Diner on the road back to LA (had to be done)

Waiting for our plane (and 3 hours of bad turbulence, excellent)

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Foluke and Babs

The wedding of Foluke and Babs took place on the 30th May and we travelled to north London for the event which manged to jam up most of St Albans for the duration of the lengthy ceremony!  Both families are from Nigeria and guests came from all around the world to join in the celebrations, which as in all nigerian weddings were full of colour, music and dance.  It was a massive team working with Foluke and Babs in the build up to the wedding and on the day itself with Jibola Ponnie from Stencil Events and Catherine Eluwa from seml making sure everything ran smoothly and what an incredible job they did!

Both Foluke and Babs prepared for their wedding day at The Grove  although of course in very different areas – they did not want to risk seeing each other before the ceremony.  I had lots of time with Foluke and all her sisters who were the bridesmaids, in the morning amid all the music having their make up done by make up artists and hairstylists, then the videographer arrived and the amazing wedding co ordinators who worked tirelessly the entire day and night popped in and out to keep an eye on progress.  It was all very noisy, hectic and tremendous fun!  The boys preferred to have a little more peace and quiet for a more reflective time during most of the morning, so Earle took the opportunity to photograph the beautiful cake from Linda Fripp as it was being constructed and much of the incredible room and table decorations.

Following the church ceremony we all returned to The Grove in Chandlers Cross for the reception, wedding breakfast and party.  The bridal train which immediately preceeded the serving of the wedding breakfast was brilliant, vibrant and energetic as was the entire day.  Speeches of thanks, cake cutting and first dance completed Foluke returned to her room for a change of dress make up and hair to return down at the party ready for plenty of dancing.  We did borrow Foluke and Babs momentarily to photograph just the two of them together in and around the hotel, not keeping them from their guests too long at all!

Very many congratulations Foluke and Babs on your marriage, you are both amazing and Foluke you looked stunning – be happy!!

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Goli and Asad Wedding

It was just a very few weeks ago we initially were contacted by Goli, her wedding to Asad was taking place over 2 days.  The Friday was the civil ceremony at Bournemouth Town Hall and informal reception at the family restaurant Peppinos with Sunday being the big wedding celebration in Iranian style with some influences of Pakistan customs reflecting the background of the two families.  Earle and I were delighted to have to opportunity to photograph such a wonderful occassion.  Our coverage of the ceremony on Friday was minimal as per the wishes of Goli and Asad, they had Sunday as their ‘real’ celebration and we were on hand for the whole day. 

There was a beautiful ceremony at the home of Goli’s parents followed by a massive party in a fantastic arrangement of marquees in the garden during the evening.  Fabulous Iranian food was provided much of it via barbeque, Iranian music from the band and a surprise for all the guests was the stunning belly dancer who arrived to perform her show and encourage some of the guests to dance along with her!

Huge congratulations to you both, Goli and Asad.  We hope you enjoyed your wedding celebrations at least as much as all your guests, everything was truly fantastic Earle and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the team involved in your day and thank you for your very kind hospitality and the warmth of your welcome.  We both wish you every happiness.

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